Zhengzhou Sinocean Industrial Limited, which is the most professional ice machine manufacturer in China,mainly operate manufacturing & export business on high quality ice making machines and other refrigeration equipments, including: dry ice machine(both dry ice pelletizer and dry ice block machine) , cube ice machine, snowflake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine,  plate ice machine, slurry ice machine, water chiller, and liquid co2 storage tank,etc.   As a…

  • Water flow cube ice maker

      Applied in hotel, restaurant, cinema, fast food shop, drinks outlets, bread,  ice factory etc.Features:1. …

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  • Seawater flake ice machine

     Sinocean International would like to provide you Sea water flake ice machine with the capacity from 1000 kgs/24 hours to 10, 000 kgs/24 hours. The ice works at its lowest temperature of -10℃ …

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  • Commerical tube ice machine

     Tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter ø22、ø29、ø35mm and height 25~42mm. The hole diameter is usually ø5~10mm and it can be adjusted …

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  • Slurry ice machine

    SINOCEAN TECHNOLOGY POWER The slurry-ice is an ice crystal suspension. This new type of ice has many advantages in comparison with the traditional ice as it can be used in direct contact with…

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  • Co2 Recovery Plant for dry ice machine

     Dry ice is produced by suddenly expanding pressurized liquid CO2 under atmospheric pressure. The general conversion ratio will be approx. 40 to 45% of dry ice. In simple words: out of 100kg li…

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