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Structure and working principle of ice cream machine
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Ice cream machine structure and working principle:

(a), ice machine structure: the core components are mainly raw materials and refrigeration system, frozen cylinder cylinder and refrigeration system, stirring scraper frame, conveying equipment and control system structure.

(2), ice cream machine working principle: its workflow to: raw material cylinder - milk pulp air pump - freeze cylinder - freeze in cylinder of scraper - steamy exports.

Raw material cylinder: designed for ice cream and a temporary storage of raw material for mixed by the formation of the milk pulp. Runtime through thermistors control refrigeration system operation, materials will be cylinder of temperature control in - 0.5 ~ 6.5 ℃ between.

Narrow gas/milk slurry pump: is mixed loading clamour conveying key equipment, it will milk pulp transported to the frozen cylinders, their operation by the pressure switch control. General air and liquid milk pulp according to the different pathways also into the mixed zone, then through pipeline into frozen cylinder. Storage milk pulp material cylinder of refrigeration system, refrigerants in filter drier m door for two way dispose (figure 1), a travelling Lord capillary 10 in raw cylinder evaporator, another pass a vice capillary 12 into milk slurry pipeline outer wall and pipe, heat, will milk pulp were frozen cylinder of milk will enter slurry pre-register cold, make its temperature is maintained at 4 ℃ left and right sides, ensure the quality of products and food safety.

Frozen cylinder: inner broke surface, as is the work surface, the milk pulp and air after classics agitate, in the frozen in cylinder puffed up by cooling form a milkshake. After 7 ~ DLL minutes later, when products achieve desired thick, by spiral scraper scratched away to pour export, through down pour handle that can be replenished products. Product standard temperature is about - 7 ~ - 8 ℃.

Some ice maker has double frozen cylinder, general according to need to determine the opening single cylinder or urn.

Frozen in cylinder mixing scraper frame: by mixing motor through reducer, transmission shaft drive, used for mixing milk syrup, make milk pulp and air mix adequately, spiral scraper simultaneously formed under the cylinder wall scraping small ice crystals and will form milkshakes into frozen door.

Soft ice-cream by the product of forming degree and thick to judge, frozen cylinder refrigeration system by agitation current of electrical control. When mixing current of electrical reach setting, refrigeration compressor stop work, at the same time system mixing motor also stop working.

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