• Water flow cube ice maker

      Applied in hotel, restaurant, cinema, fast food shop, drinks outlets, bread,  ice factory etc.Features:1. Our ice machine produces more than 10% ice&n…

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  • Seawater flake ice machine

     Sinocean International would like to provide you Sea water flake ice machine with the capacity from 1000 kgs/24 hours to 10, 000 kgs/24 hours. The ice works at its lowest temperature of -10℃ but still keeps normal running even in the most unfavorable conditions of 35℃ w…

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  • Commerical tube ice machine

     Tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter ø22、ø29、ø35mm and height 25~42mm. The hole diameter is usually ø5~10mm and it can be adjusted according to ice making timeFeatures:Ice is thick and transparent with long …

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  • Slurry ice machine

    SINOCEAN TECHNOLOGY POWER The slurry-ice is an ice crystal suspension. This new type of ice has many advantages in comparison with the traditional ice as it can be used in direct contact with the product to be chilled or be circulated in an indirect way through a heat ex…

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  • Co2 Recovery Plant for dry ice machine

     Dry ice is produced by suddenly expanding pressurized liquid CO2 under atmospheric pressure. The general conversion ratio will be approx. 40 to 45% of dry ice. In simple words: out of 100kg liquid CO2 only 40-45kg will be dry ice and the rest is normally lost as CO2 gas t…

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