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Block ice machine


Our block ice machine includes 10 kinds of capacity to be selected 3/5/10/15/20/30/70/140/210/280/ tons/day .the plants are available in production for ice of two forms ,i.e. ,transparent ice and white ice ,which can be divided into three specifications ,25kg,50kg,and 135kg.


The complete plants for ice making to be supplied by our works including ammonia refrigerating compressor ,accessories and components to be matched to the range of plants, equipments to be mounted in ice making shop, and lifting equipments ,but except covering floors over ice making tands , insulating materials for plans. note other requirement when ordering.


Not only are the standard complete plants for ice making supplied with a wide ranges ,but the non-standard plants ,refrigeration systems ,and ice storages to meet the users ,needs of ,designed by our works.


Ice making equipment:


Ice making tank


The ice making tank is a rectangular water tank ,welded of steel plates ,evaporator coils are mounted as both ends .the inner walls of the tank are welded by pieces of angle steel as frame for placing the frame carrying the ice cans ,the tank is filled with bringer of certain concentration .the tank should be wrapped by insulator and moisture barrier around its four sides and under its bottom, to prevent heat from entering the tank .if is covered by a wooden cover (made by the users )ice making tank will be supplied in semi-finished product.


Evaporator coils


The evaporator coils are welded of two main pipes and two rows of spiral pipes and are set within the ice making tank .liquid ammonia enters the evaporator coils through the throttle valve and absorbs heat from brine ,thus resulting in vaporizing liquid ammonia and temperature falling of brine.


Vertical agitator


It is mounted on both sides within the ice making brine in the tank to make brine in the tank to make brine flow rapidly through the space between evaporator coils and ice cans ,so as to increase efficiency of heat transfer.


Ice cans


The ice cans are made of galvanized steel plate ,and is some what taper shaped in order to facilitate the discharge of ice blocks .top openings of the ice cans are riveted with flat steel in order to get reinforced .


thawing tank 


The tank is an open-type water container filled with water at the temperature o f35℃-40℃.it is used for melting surfaces of the ice blocks in contact with ice cans ,in order to facilitate the discharge of ice blocks from the ice cans.




The ice tip is a frame of L-type supported by its both ends on a bracket ,it is used to slant the ice cans for discharging ice blocks.


Ice can frame


The ice can frame holding a row of ice cans is put on the ice making tank ,it can be lifted up and put into the tank by a double-hook bridge crane.


Blowing system


This system includes rotor type blower air cylinder etc please inform us before placing order if it is to make transparent ice.


we can offer a price soon if you tell us the ice block weight and quantity of ice blocks you need to produce a day.

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