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LCO2 storage tank

we can design and produce various volume stroage tank for liquid argon, CO2, Nitrogen,oxygen, natural gas and LPG gas.

We have successful tradition and wide experience in tank design and exporting transportation. Our design and production combines safe, flexible and economic operation.
Our tanks are designed for long-term storage of liquefied air gases, including nitrogen, oxygen and argon, as well as carbon dioxide and LNG. Vacuum-perlite insulation minimizes the losses of stored products.
tanks in vertical or horizontal arrangement with capacity from 5.000 to 500.000 liters and maximum allowable working pressure up to 16 bar.
We can also supply the related vaporizers, product ambient or steam heated vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipelines and other cryogenic components to create a complete installation.
Technical Features
Inner Vessel - stainless steel for cryogenic temperatures with optimized design for lighter weight.
Outer Jacket - a combined leg and lifting lug system designed for safe transport, easy lifting and low cost erection.
Insulation - a proven high quality vacuum-perlite system with molecular sieve adsorber.
Piping - stainless steel piping for reliability and long life, ergonomically arranged workplace, flow diagram and gauges at eye level, asily accessible valves and safety relief valve outlets directed away rom the operating area.
Pressure Control - an easily adjustable multifunction regulator serves as pressure regulator, economizer and thermal-relief valve.
Instrumentation - high quality pressure gauge and differential pressure contents gauge are standard with optional switches, transmitter and/or telemetry unit.
Safety - tanks are equipped with dual relief valves with a variety of options, including additional relief valves and/or rupture discs.
Cleanliness - all tanks and their components are cleaned and certified for oxygen service.
Outer Finish - choice of two durable corrosion resistant white paints, including a new low VOC paint or a standard 2-stage epoxy-polyurethane paint.
Transport - rugged internal supports allow for safe transportation by road, rail or container easily.

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